Bümer Bäg

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This first-of-its-kind air armor system integrates with Giant Loop’s soft luggage, deploying on impact to instantly bubble wrap riders in ballistic bounce proof protection.

For slower speed off-road riding, electronic lean-angle sensors inflate the adventure air bags to cushion against rocks and logs and to break falls from moderately sized cliffs. In the event of deep water crossings, the Bümer Bäg can be manually deployed as a floatation device for bike and rider.

We were able to source air bag components directly from automotive industry supplier Takata in Japan. This space age technology is finally being made available to powersports manufacturers.

To shave pounds and expense, the Bümer Bäg can be recharged with off-the-shelf CO2 cartridges from motorcycle tire repair kits. It is also compatible with tubeless tire plugs for easy repairs.

Perfect for pavement pounders and ground grinders who like to catch giant air, the Giant Loop Bümer Bäg weighs just 98.4 lbs with all included components.

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15 reviews for Bümer Bäg

  1. Leeroy Jenkins

    So glad I got this system. I took a corner up in the hills at about 80mph and lost traction, but thanks to this system I was saved. If you are reading this though I landed in a river and I can’t reach the release tabs, I’m just sorta floating down stream. Help please.

  2. Aladin Sane

    I feel so much safer, now that I got this system. Really takes the fear out of falling over in the Starbucks parking lot. They should be mandated by federal safety laws.

  3. Seymour Butts

    I wanted to wreck my bike to collect the insurance but I couldn’t build up the nerve until this system was released. My bike is now a smoking wreck and I walked away without a scratch. 11/10

  4. Henry

    When we rode two GSers outside a cafe this morning and my mate said ‘look at those two massive ‘Bümers’ I thought he was being casually homophobic – now I see that the two bikes were equipped with the latest H&S kit from Giant Loop. What a relief

  5. Boomer

    DO NOT RECOMMEND! I had my girlfriend on the back of my Africa Twin in India and I barely tapped the tuk tuk in-front of me just to let him know I was there and this thing went off. NO WHERE DOES IT SAY NOT TO USE WITH A PASSENGER! She was literally ejected from the seat and landed on top of a nearby Chaiwala, spilling at least $3 worth of tea. I immediately pulled over to check on my bike and the 10 mm socket is now missing from my toolkit. I expect Giant Loop to replace this socket immediately and demand they try to contact the chai salesman in Delhi to make it up to him. His name is Steve.

  6. Hugh Jasse

    Makes my butt look too big, the other riders in my Starbucks riding cmub were laughing so much they crashed. Who’s laughing now?

  7. Nate

    Makes trials bike too heavy and goes off too often. would give one star but it is keeping bike looking like new so it gets 2.

  8. Michael

    As an older rider, this keeps me on the trail so much longer than off-the-shelf adult diapers. So much capacity!




  10. mirko djuric

    I didn’t try, but looking good

  11. Alan Koenig

    I put this on and the Ghostbusters attacked me. I will give it three stars as I keep winning sumo wrestling matches but seriously…I am taking two stars off as it would never deflate and I am having trouble grocery shopping lately.
    I still haven’t received my overlanding tent that was available last April 1st of last year….that was supposed to attach to my 1090’s top rack….it was never delivered

  12. Andy Black

    Styling is meh. If it were offered in different colors…maybe. Is it California legal? I don’t see any Prop 65 warnings on mine.

  13. Erika Karl

    GREAT protection in more than one way! As I was running errands around Billysburg Brooklyn, I made a quick dash inside to pick up my bespoke moto sweatshirt that was finally ready after months of waiting. When I came back out, the bumer bags had mysteriously been deployed and a man was laying passed out on the sidewalk. I came to realize, this man was a thief who attempted to make off with my beloved Himalayan! He accidentally deployed the Bumer Bags and the force of the inflation clean knocked him out! I’m so glad I can have full protection both from thieves, as well as from the occasional tip-overs as I parallel park! #superradbadassprotectioin

  14. Tony

    Wait a bit new models coming next week! One package call gay trio. Airbags Looks like inflatable nude dudes. It looks osom one inflates in back, one in front with a big soft balls.

  15. Brady

    I would give it 5 stars if they turned the power down some.. I was happy when I first fitted all the equipment because it matched the rest of my Power Rangers colors perfectly! I set out on my first short ride to see if the added weight would effect my handling, but was surprised at how well the added weight increased my stability in the corners. I pulled up to the first stop light and forgot to put my foot down (as usual) and prepared for my typical tumble, but that’s when things went wrong.. The BUmer BAg did it’s thing, which launched me into the sky! Luckily the stop lights over head stopped me from going too far or I’d still be in orbit. I would recommend to a friend, and as soon as I’m out of the hospital I’ll purchase another one. If you look into the north sky at night that dim orange thing floating by is my bike….

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